Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding the Forger

Bianca Balducci, every body's favorite teenage amateur sleuth, i back on the case, and this time the resourceful Baltimorean has her hands more than full.
On top of school, her two bickering friends, and boy trouble, Bianca is brought in to prove the innocence of Hector, Sarah's latest heart throb, who's considered the prime suspect in a clever switcheroo at the local art museum-several paintings have gone missing,l and forgeries hung in their place.
But things get awfully complicated when Connie, Bianca's PI older sister, is hired by the museum to formally investigate the crime.
And that's just the half of it. Doug, Bianca's fabulous new boyfriend, isn't paying much attention to her as she'd like, while a charming a rich Brit named Neville seems more than willing to take Doug's place. Can Bianca manage to keep Doug's affections while gently fending off Neville?
In this story of miss-assumptions, Bianca learns that things are not always as they seem, that all cases are not so open-and-shut, and that connected with every valuable painting is the possibility of forgery.

This wasn't one of my favorite books ever. I did however like how she added bigger words into the text and then wrote what they meant for the character's point of view. I surprisingly learned a few things. At the end though, I was done. I really didn't want to read anymore and I found myself finally just skipping to the end. I sorta knew who the bad guy was from almost the start though as well. So if you have a younger child who loves a good mystery, this would be perfect! But maybe not so much for older people.


  1. That stinks!! I wish you would've enjoyed this one more! But I do thank you for your honest review!!

  2. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one more.