Friday, February 12, 2010

The Kepper of Light and Dust

Mia Lockhart is descended from Keepers-women who were warriors, healers, and protectors in ancient times. But as Mia practices her craft in South London, she has no idea she is being watched. Adrian Ashton is a brilliant scientist. He is also a skilled martial artist-and a modern-day vampire. He has mastered the art of draining the chi of his opponents-the vital energy that flows through their bodies. And Mia finds herself drawn to his dark genius, though she has given her heart to another... When Ashton targets the man she loves, Mia is forced to choose between them-and the choice results in a fight to the death in which love is both the greatest weakness and the greatest prize.
I was a little depressed to discover that even in books boys and girls can't seem to be friends without one falling in love with the other. That hurt. Other than that, I thought this was great! I've never read a book that had anything to do with things like chi and inner light before and I found completely intoxicating! I was a little confused about the whole vampire thing, but, it didn't effect anything for that matter. Bottom line, I thought everything in this book was so cool and new! Once again, I love happy endings, true love, and in this case, amazingly cute guys!! XD If you do read this book, read the author's note! She is so cool! O.O

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Silver Phinox

on the day of her first betrothal meeting–and rejection–ai ling discovers a power welling deep within her. she can reach into other people’s spirits, hear their thoughts, see their dreams…and that’s just the beginning.
ai ling has been marked by the immortals; her destiny lies in the emperor’s palace, where a terrible evil has lived, stealing souls, for centuries. she must conquer this enemy and rescue her captive father, while mythical demons track her every step. and then she meets chen yong, a young man with a quest of his own, whose fate is intertwined with hers. here is a heart-stopping, breathtaking tale for fans of action, fantasy, and romance–of anything with the making of legend.
This book totally blew me away! I absolutely loooove reading about mythical Gods and legends and everything and everything that has to do with other cultures. One of my favorite things about this book, was that I could see it so vividly in my mind, that I remember just about everything that happened! And trust me, that's a stretch for me! The ending wasn't truly like anything I've ever read before. The author managed to keep it happy, yet, almost disappointing at the same time. More like a little bittersweet. But, it was more sweet than bitter so it was a great book for me!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dream Girl

Claire Voyante has been having strange visions ever since she can remember. But the similarity between her name and her talents is purely coincidental. The name is French, and unlike the psychics on TV, she can't solve crimes or talk to the dead. Whenever Claire follows her hunches, she comes up empty - or ends up in pretty awkward situations. But that all changes on Claire's 15th birthday, when her grandmother, Kiki-former socialite, fashion icon, and permanent fixture at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel - gives her something a little more extraordinary than one of her old cocktail dresses: a strange black-and-white onyx cameo on a gold chain. It's not long before Claire's world becomes a whole lot clearer. And a whole lot more dangerous.

I'll try to keep this short, and sweet.I thought this was an awesome read! Seriously, if I hadn't, accidentally, read the second one first, I would have been totally stunned! So DON'T read the second one first!!!Lol. I have to say, I still like the cute guy a little better. I did think that it dragged on a little, but not to the point where I could hardly pick it up. I have to say this has to be one of the few books were I really liked the characters. Actually, I loved them! I thought Claire was adorable!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Belladonna Johnson can see ghosts. It’s a trait she’s inherited from her mother’s side of the family, like blue eyes or straight hair. And it’s a trait she could do without, because what twelve-year-old wants to be caught talking to someone invisible?

It is convenient, though, after Belladonna’s parents are killed in a car accident. They can live with her the same as always, watching the same old TV shows in their same old house. Nothing has changed . . . until everything changes.

One night, with no warning, they vanish into thin air—along with every other ghost in the world. It’s what some people think ghosts are supposed to do, but Belladonna knows it’s all wrong. They may not be living, but they’re not supposed to be gone.

With the help of her classmate Steve, a master of sneaking and spying, Belladonna is left to uncover what’s become of the spirits and to navigate a whole world her parents have kept well-hidden. If she can’t find her way, she’ll lose them again—this time for good.

I loooooved this book! I think it would be even better for someone younger to start out on instead of something as powerful as Harry Potter. I loved how the main character Belladonna was so brave! The author (Helen Stringer) did a wonderful job of giving enough description, and not boring me to death with every little detail. I could see in my head what was happening the whole time, even though there wasn't as much dialog as I'm used to. I was a little dissapointed with the riddle it gave, but again, like I said, perfect for a younger kid how loved books about magic and whatnot. I think that anyone who was just starting out reading fantasy, would love the ending! Actually the whole book!