Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shootind an Albatross

It's 1943, the 170th Field Artillery Battalion of the U.S. Army has taken over the El Rancho Golf Course in Los Angeles, becoming uninvited nieghbors to the Hollywood movie moguls living along the back side of the course. This happens in the only year in history that the PGA canclelled the entire season of professional golf. Combine a military presense with a beautiful golf course left unused, and the setting becomes ideal for a challange match between the Army General and Navy Admiral. Niether man could play the game, so each chooses a partner from the ranks. The general selects Private Evan Wilkins, a gifted golfer from McCall, Idaho, who gets thrown into a world of wealth, power, and rage.
When I started to read Shootong an Albatross, I gave it the benifit of the doubt thinking 'Oh, it's just the begining, I'll get more into it soon,' but the days wore on and I was still finding the book difficult to read. I don't know if it's because I'm a younger age than what the book was made for, or what, but I didn't get past chapter 4. I think that older people could really apperciate the time setting of this book and follow it a little better than I did.


  1. I think you gave the book a fair chance. sometimes it's best to cut your losses and run!!!

  2. It is always disappointing when you get a book and just try to get through it and can't. At least you gave it a try! Now on to the next book!