Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumer and Qix

Rumer, a petite 16 year old with a flair for fashion, loves zipping the vast cityscape of 31st century Nanjing for her job as an apprentice reporter for the Global Quotidien. There's one big problem, though. For some reason, the stories she's assigned are always tedious and never interesting. To make matters worse, her insensitive boss wants her to report on the activities of Alfa, the same mega-conglomerate where her parents died mysteriously when she was eight.

Feeling frustrated, the rebellious Rumer escapes into the indie networks and, along with her pocket-sized sidekick, Qix, soon finds herself puzzling over a series of images of bizarre nature sightings posted by seemingly credible eye-witnesses. Ever since the world's flora and fauna were replaced wiht Alfa's Syncov replicas eons earlier, nature sightings like this have been routinely dismissed, but Rumer senses that something is different this time.

When ethereal voices relay a coded message confirming her hunch that something is terribly amiss, Rumer slips away with Qix on a globe-trotting quest for answers. Two colossal forces are about to square off for the final epic battle that will determine the fate of the planet. Who will triumph, Dr. BigCo, the ruthless CEO of Alfa bent on expanding his empire at all costs, or his nemesis, MoNa, the vulnerable matriarch of the cosmos? The fate of the world hangs in the balance and Rumer holds the key in a race against time.

This wasn't exactly one of my favorite books. I never really found myself being sucked into it. I was always thinking 'okay ...where is this going...' or I was thinking how easy it was to tell what was going to happen next. One of the best and worst qualities of this book was the vocabulary. It was amazing because I learned so many new words(through parts of it I almost had to go get a dictionary) but at the same time,sense it was in the 31st century, a lot of the words weren't real and made no sense what-so-ever to me and the author really didn't attempt to explain them until the end of the book! This wasn't the worst book I've read, but it really wasn't my favorite. I think part of the reason may have been simply that I didn't enjoy the storyline that much, but if you're into the whole end-of-the-world save-us-Mother Nature thing than it would be a good book for you...I'm just not that person.


  1. I'm glad that you gave it a chance and I thought your review was well-written and very concise. You captured the theme of this book perfectly!

  2. You are so good at doing book reviews!